Yucatan´s Cenotes & Pyramids

Mexico is a happy place

I love planet Earth, but I guess Humans in Mexico have won my heart the most so far.

They have beautiful places, delicious food and so much history to learn. This article will be dedicated to my last trip to Merida and the cool pyramids I visited and stunning cenotes.

Merida and near areas

Humans have a theory that my species helped them build their ancient civilizations centuries ago. Just as me, my ancestors also were space travelers and many of them liked to visit Planet Earth. We did help, but if you want to know more about that, check my previous article.

In this new article, I want to focus on giving Humans a travel guide for those going to the South of Mexico and wanting to visit some beautiful pyramids while refreshing in clear Cenotes water.

Cenote (natural pool)

I stayed in Hotel Plaza Mirador, just in the middle of downtown. Service was really good, staff was helpful and they recommended tours with promotional prices with the agency Sol Turquesa. Tour guide picks you up in the hotel on a van and you can travel with other Humans in a group everywhere you need to.

The other option is also in downtown, there are many car rentals offering deals and map guides indicating where to go.

Either option you take, this city is really safe, so feel free to relax and prepare to check your Wonders of the World bucket list.

Discover Uxmal Ruins
Quadrangle of the Nuns

The recommendation is to first visit Uxmal Ruins before Chichen Itza. This way you´ll start your adventure with a little pyramid and then get your jaw dropped with Kukulkan. The sun was really intense, so take your sunblock and hat as the tour van arrives around 2 pm to Uxmal.

Uxmal is located in the Puuc region (Puuc means hills in Mayan). This region has also a representative architecture style, mainly referring to their decorations in buildings made out of stone and also long-nosed maks. Humans today believe these masks are to honor Chaac, their Rain deity.

Uxmal has been designated a Unesco World Heritage site in recognition of its significance to the Mayan Culture.

Puuc architectural style
Pyramid of the Magician

The most majestic pyramid is the Pyramid of the Magician, it’s particular oval structure calls everyone´s attention. It got its name due to a legend that talks about a Magician who won to an Emperor his reign and then decided to built his own castle to demonstrate his power.

The Pyramid of the Magician

Humans who built Uxmal had the belief that the more important the person was, the higher his palace should be. So prepare yourself for climbing pyramids and having a nice view of the forest.


Chichen Itza

Walk in to find one of the most amazing pyramids on Planet Earth and a declared Wonder of the World: Kukulkan.

Kukulkan at Chichen Itza

Beautiful by any side you appreciate it. These Humans were serious about “perfection in architecture”, on my very particular and extraterrestrial point of view.

The suggestion is to visit Chichen Itza any other day apart from Sunday, as this is a free-entrance day for Mexican Humans, so it would be completely full and probably you will not enjoy having everyone around your pictures.

Take a couple of hours walking around here. The map of the city is divided by cardinal points having in each one a Cenote. You cannot swim in any of these Cenotes, but we will get to that part later.

Find the Sacred Cenote at the North side of the city,  where Mayans threw valuable objects like gold, gemstones, even performed Human sacrifices at this place. They believed it was sacred because it´s water is green just as jade, which is a gemstone Mayans used for their rituals to their Deities.

Cenote IkIl

After getting drenched by the sun you´ll probably like to get some fresh (actually cold) water and cenotes are the perfect spot for swimming while nature embraces you.

Ikil is just 20min from Chichen Itza and it’s completely amazing. This sensational place has a diameter of 60 meters and if you don’t know how to swim you could rent a life jacket (it is 40 meters depth!) and float into a natural Earth wonder.

Xbatun & Dzonbacal

The amazing thing about cenotes is that each of them is completely different, like these two. They are neighbors and one of them, Dzonbacal, is under a cave while Xbatun is in a completely open space full of trees and flowers. Both of them have plenty of fish so you’ll be swimming with some aquatic friends.

Cenote (natural pool)

Mexico is a stunning country full of wonders and natural beauties. Mayans had a paradise for themselves and that´s the reason my people came to visit them so long ago.


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