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Something called my attention when I saw some pictures in an Italian restaurant the other day, a big tower that seems to be falling down and some Human have to be holding it to avoid the collapse of it, it looks like a very heavy building so I guess if it falls it will probably destroy the whole city. Those Humans must have been really strong! I must meet these heroic people. I asked the waiter where that tower was and he told me it was the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. So as soon I finished my lasagna, I got into my spaceship and parted to Pisa, Italy.

Super strong Humans holding the Tower with identity cover
The Leaning Tower

I have to admit that it was a little disappointing to find out Humans were just tourist people doing a weird pose for a picture.

An Italian guard told me it was a “cliché” picture. I don´t really understand Humans sometimes, they all want to do the same and act the same way as the others. Human behavior is all about fitting in.

I was meditating and thinking about how and why can Humans happen to act like this meanwhile I kept walking and walking. Suddenly I arrived in Rome. Turns out there´s a Human saying that goes: All roads lead to Rome… and they do!

What to do in Rome

Now that I´m here I decided to explore this city full of history, incredible architecture, artistic styles, and amazing food. There´s not a “complete guide” on what to do in Rome for a couple of days as there is another famous Human quote that goes: Roma non basta una vita. Is Latin for Rome, one lifetime is not enough. So that being said, I´m gonna tell you my Top list to visit.

As an extraterrestrial, I´m interested in Human History and how things happened many years ago and how Humans are affected by their past until today, so my top list is mainly about Historical sites.

Take a free walking tour

If you have read previous articles you´ll see I always invite you to take a Free walking tour. Trust me, they are every traveler´s best option to get to know the city maps and have many cheap option suggestions from a local who will give you great information for a good tip. I took Newromefreetour and those Humans helped me a lot with recommendations on locations to have dinner, besides telling me the whole history of the city.

My guide explained to me that Rome is known as the eternal city. According to the legend, Rome was founded by two brothers, Romulus, and Remus who were abandoned in the wild and rescued by a she-wolf that adopted them. Is funny how Humans can have animal pets, but it seems here it was the other way around, Roman Humans are so authentic.

Since then they started to build the greatest city of all times, you either were Roman or Barbarian back then. Long story short, the city grew over 500 years, peaked for 200 years and fell for 300 years. Anyway, it´s still beautiful and amazing to know how their history led them to be such a huge Empire.

The heart of antique Rome
The Roman Forum

Romans created the most used human governmental form: The Republic. In the Roman Forum is where local Humans set the legal standards that still govern Western civilization.

The site is ruins of what used to be a center of day-to-day life in Rome, where public, religious and commercial events happened. Consider at least 3 hours to walk around the ruins as there´s a lot to check around like temples, museums, monuments, etc.

Another important cultural fact about this place is that here´s where the Republic became Empire as a Human called Julius Cesar became a dictator. I read that he was so obsessed with leaving his legacy, he even asked for a month to be called after him, and Humans actually did name their month in the Roman calendar: July.

As the Senate didn´t agree on having a dictator, senators assassinated Cesar. After that, the Republic ended and Rome became the capital of the Great Roman Empire.

The Colleseum

Part of the busy life of a Roman back then was entertainment and Humans built the most impressive Colleseum very close to the Roman city center. The construction was covered by marble but Romans are quite a reuse-recycling type of Humans as they took off the material to use it for other constructions or monuments. Even after the removal of the decorative cover, the Roman Colleseum is considered one of the Wonders of the World due to its breathtaking sights.

Go inside and take a moment to imagine this place in action. This amphitheater, in particular, was used for competitions between prisoners and slaves versus animals usually brought from Africa like lions, panthers or rhinoceros. But the main event was the gladiator’s combats. Humans can be quite violent.

What can be seen as passageways underneath the arena were before covered by a wooden floor, this way everyone will cheer when the elevator brought up a hungry wild animal or a frightened slave. I can´t imagine how the thirst for blood affected Human society back then.

When the Coliseum became too expensive for maintenance Romans decided to shut it down and then started to use its materials for other sites.

Piazza Navonna

A wonderful thing about Rome is that is a blend of different architectural eras and styles.  Advancing in time to the XVII century we can find a beautiful square surrounded by icecreams stores and great restaurants to try Italian food.

Piazza Navonna is known for its Saint Ignatius Church, a Baroque masterpiece of the city, and three fountains that make it a must in any Rome visit.

The main fountain is The fountain of the four rivers by Bernini. Each fountain represents a God from each continent discovered by the date: The Nile for Africa, The Danube for Europe, The Ganges for Asia and Rio de la Plata for America. Besides the Gods, the symbolism used in the baroque fountain is amazing, an animal for each continent like a horse or a dragon or that Africa´s God is turning and covering its face as by the date no one was sure where the Nile´s source was.

Trevi fountain

Now that we are talking about fountains, the biggest baroque fountain in the city- 26 mt. high and 49 mt. wide is the Trevi fountain.

The site is full of tourists, but the beauty in it will make you not think about how crowdy the place is and just wonder how does Rome keep so many amazing monuments. I guess that´s why there´s a legend about this fountain. If you toss one coin with your right hand standing backward to the fountain, then you´ll come back to Rome again. Humans believe in such strange things, but still I did it.

The Vatican

My next article will talk about this religious country more in detail but if you are in Rome, whether you are a Catholic Human or not you must pay a visit to the smallest country in the World: The Vatican.


One of Rome´s oldest and best preserved buildings still standing. According to the legend Romulus, Rome´s founder, was burried here.

The true purpose of Pantheons remains a mystery to Humankind. The word Pantheon translates to All Gods, so its believed that it was a worship place for pagan Gods.

The most fascinating thing about the Pantheon is that it has the largest unsupported dome in the whole Planet.

Try ALL of their food

Italian history is incredible, yes; but there could be a tour based completely on food and still, it would be a Top of the list tourist attraction. Their pizzas, lasagna, pasta, gelato, everything is amazing!

Italians are really happy and passionate Humans, they seem to express themselves more by gesticulating with their hands than with their spoken language. I´m in love with Italy and wish to come back soon, I hope my coin in the Trevi fountain works!

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