Oaxaca anecdote

Small snacks are, for my planet, regularly related to little animals, which in Planet Earth are called insects or bugs. Whenever I feel homesick I love going to a Mexican city called Oaxaca, where they like eating grasshoppers in tacos. My local guide helped me to make my taco with grasshoppers and cheese. Mexican Humans are great for mixing food flavors and these bugs made me feel back home.

Tacos of Chapulines (grasshoppers)

I felt a bit nostalgic but delighted by the delicious and authentic cuisine. When I thanked my guide he told me that to be really grateful and get a heavenly experience, we must go and visit a golden Catholic church called the Church of Santo Domingo de Guzman.

We walked together to the Church and I couldn´t hide my excitement when watching plants, flowers, and trees in this city full of colors. Just as the whole country, Oaxaca is the place to get lost and well driven by the locals.

When entering the church, I felt astonished by the karat-gold leaves covering the interiors and felt amazed about how many images of Human figures with strange and conservative outfits were all over the place. Many of these figures or images were really bizarre, winged Humans or even animals accompanying Humans with certain light coming out from their heads. Probably they were also aliens, like me, and that would be the reason for their enlighted bodies.

My guide explained to me that Humans in Catholic religion have the belief that praying with faith to these images will make their wishes come true. He told me about how something called miracles can happen and that Humans attach to these beliefs to be happy and more importantly, to have hope. People with tears on their faces near the altar and others kneeling on the floor demonstrated what he was telling to me. I got close to a beautiful woman who was praying together with her daughter and both were thanking God for being in this place together and making a bonding trip for them. Listening to her beautiful words and the way she was being grateful to their Deity made me think about how lucky I am to be visiting different planets and learning about the Human culture.

Later in another Religious center, I found another more realistic statue of a dog also there, waiting for Humans to go and pray to Him. Humans are so strange sometimes, they seem to enjoy sending messages to their Deities and repeat the same verses many times.

Saint Doggy

I guess that is the real meaning of this kind of centers, to learn to listen and be grateful for the little or much we all have gotten.  We, Humans and Extraterrestrials, are different in many sorts of ways; we do not share the same ideologies, but that´s what´s incredible about traveling, to determine how we are similar and we can live together all in the same universe.








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