Aliens and Mayan pyramids

Many years ago one of my late relatives came to visit Human ancestors as he had heard they were really intelligent and capable of so many things and inventions no matter how primitive they were compared to our planet.
When Barát, my great uncle, arrived, he discovered the Mayans were incredibly nice and welcoming people who received him with many gifts including gemstones, gold, mirrors, and even let him a feather headdress to wear.

He made friends with a Mayan priest who was always playing with him. He used to call him names all the time but his favorite one was making fun of Barát´s skin color that was the same as a pretty green bird called Quetzal. So he called him Quetzalcoatl. Barát also made fun of the priest and their friendship kept going for many months, they had a trustful friendship and Barát confessed to him he was from outer space. Barát regretted telling him that after a while.

The priest wanted to know more about Barát´s home, outer space was fascinating to the Mayans, and many people wanted to know more and more. In the beginning, Barát thought it was cute Mayans were so interested in their sky, weather and planets or stars. He taught them about the sun, clouds, time, how to read stars, etc. The priest wrote everything Barát said, I have heard they are still some documents about that today known as Huehuetlahtolli.

Mayans were also curious about if Barát will stay forever with them and continue teaching them so many incredible things. He told them he must go back to his home planet soon and that he will probably come back after many years. So, he taught them how to develop a calendar so they can count the days and years for that to happen.

Then Mayans wanted to know more about outer space, they were really intense on it! Barát told them they could build an observatory to check out stars and planets and he could help them understand how they worked. They did!

The main reason Barát came to planet Earth was to rest and visit new cultures but the Mayans never let him go with other cultures and they were quite insisting on asking questions about everything! When will the World end? How far is Venus from us? Can we make it rain twice a week if we keep dancing?
“2012, ok?, YES! Keep dancing!”, replied Barát getting more and more frustrated about the brain drain he felt with every question. Don´t get us wrong, I love when Humans question me about anything, but Barát, well, he was not as friendly as me.
Barát told the Mayans if they dance and throw valuable objects to their Sacred Cenote then rain will follow. He was desperate and thought that if Mayans think he was getting wrong answers to their theories then they will let him go and visit other cultures.

Here´s where Human Mayans threw valuable objects

You remember I told you Mayans were intense? Well, they were.
One of them suggested that a valuable object to throw would be pure warrior blood and that that was what Barát recommended for a good rain to come… He didn´t, FYI!
Then warriors said it would be an honor to die as a sacrifice to Quetzalcoatl. Barát said he didn´t say that but it was too late, one of the warriors had already jumped to the Sacred Cenote and at that same moment, pouring rain started falling. Barát could understand it was a bad coincidence for him. Mayans started calling him a God.

That night Barát claimed to the priest he didn´t request anyone to die, he came in peace. But the priest thought he was just being humble. Barát couldn´t take it anymore. He had to leave.

He disappeared next morning without telling anyone and then he left to other parts in what today is Central and Southern Mexico to later continue to what now is Guatemala and Belize. When he came back to our planet he told us about how Mayans really wanted them to come back and they did a pyramid on his honor with his face all over the place representing how good he was.

Sometimes I would like to believe him, sometimes I think he is just exaggerating the whole story. I guess I understand Humans when you say, I don´t believe in Aliens.

Barát said this is dedicated to him

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