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There was a king who called himself The Sun King. He enjoyed playing with his friends a game where he stood in the center of a circle while his friends, dressed as planets, rotated around him.

How cool was this Human? I wish I could play too! I laughed as I read more about this fantastic Human history character. A king with all the power and money to do whatever he wanted. He also demanded a new palace for him to be built and then got it… have you heart about Versailles?

Versailes Palace

This king was Louis XIV and he was an absolute monarch who had a privilege called The Divine right. This was a belief where humans thought their royals had been chosen by their God. Humans can be so strange regarding political ideas.

Anyway, these ideas about absolutism, were later the cause of French Revolution. I really love reading about this topic in Human History. To understand the luxurious life Voltaire and other thinkers complained about, I decided to go to Versailes. Meanwhile I also booked some days in the city of light, Paris.

What to do in Paris

Versailles Palace

As my visit started as a historical trip, I first went to the beautiful Versailles Palace.

To get there from Paris, you can go by train (RER C) from the station that´s closest to your accommodation. To know more you can click here. Once you have arrived at Versailles Station, the Palace of Versailles is only a short walk away (less than 15 minutes).


Feel like Marie Antoinette while being completely amazed by the entrance of the Palace. The entrance fee varies depending on how much you wish to see or hear from a guide. I would suggest any Human to first check their budget and schedule their time as well. To know the costs and duration of every tour, click here.

Another important recommendation is to be as earlier as you can be. Anyone likes better to be inside an incredible palace rather than in a tremendous que.


Gardens here are supposed to be the most beautiful ones in the whole planet. Well, I haven´t been in all the gardens in the World but this surely must be in the top of the list.

Versailles Gardens

Place de la Concorde

To follow my trip in order of the French Revolution history, I couldn´t miss this stunning plaza. Here´s where many important executions happened, like Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI. Humans back then used to assesinate in public spaces, using an ax. As the Revolution was all about Human rights, they invented a new “more humanitarian” way to behead, the guillotine. A weird fact is that the man who invented it was actually beheaded by this same artifact.

Place de la Concorde

Nowadays Humans have a new way to decorate this plaza, there are two fountains and an Egyptian Obelisk. It looks elegant, nevertheless is always important to know where you´re standing.


Paris is such a cultural spot, full of different types of museums. My suggestion is to check really well how much time you have available for the visit. If you just have a couple of days, choose wisely which museum you would like to go. The Louvre is a really big museum that can take more than a day to walk around it and appreciate art.


If you don’t have so much time, then you can also visit L’Orangerie and Musée-Orsay. They both have plenty of beautiful sculptures and paintings of many famous Human artists.

Whatever museum you wish to visit, my recommendation is to book first online, so you can save as much time as possible without making queues.

Free stuff to do in Paris

Pére-Lachaise cemetery

Some Humans were so authentic when alive that even on their graves people want to visit them. Take a map with you, the maze can confuse anyone here.

Jim Morrison grave
Jim Morrison grave

The most visited crypts are those from: Frédéric Chopin, Molière,Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf, Camille Pissarro, Oscar Wilde and Maria Callas.

Notre Dame

I love religious centers and Paris have so many Catholic churches. You could literally dedicate a complete day on visiting them. But, Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most special ones. The colorful window crystals, the perfect architecture, the solemn music, and the peace you feel in the environment; everything is breathtaking.

Notre Dame

Entrance to Notre Dame has a cost only if you wish to go up, but just to go inside is free! 😀


Taking a walking tour or walking by yourself in this neighboorhood is a must. The true esscence of the city remains in the artsy streets full of musicians, cafés and painters. You can also find here the famous Cafée deux moulins from Amelie movie.

Place des artistes
Place des artistes

Walking up the hill of Montmartre you will find a very cliché spot and a must in Paris: The curch of Sacread Heart.

Sacred Heart church Paris

Free walking tours

Aliens love walking around cities to really understand and see everything. So for me, walking tours are a must in every city I visit.

Check out tours with Sandeman and Global Greeters both have great guides that can help you with tips on what to do according to your touristic preferences and budget.

Lafayette Galeries rooftop

This exclusive chain store is really close to the Opera house. On the top part of it you can have one of the best views of the city, especially when the sun sets.

Galeries Lafayette

Walk by Les Champs-Élysées

An essential in any Paris tour. Walk by this exclusive boulevard by night to listen people playing their instruments or making performances on the street. Finish with another must: Arc de Triomphe.

Luxembourg gardens

If you are into picnics or if your visit is on a sunny day, this place is a really nice spot in the city to walk around or watch locals play around with boats.

Luxembourg gardens

Wether your insterest is art, history, culture, photography or whatever it is, I´m almost sure you can find something that fullfeels it on Paris. The city of lights is beautiful. Now sit and relax, you´re in Paris Human 😉

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