Washington & Cher

Humans like to hear music called: Pop (as in Popular music) so I went to one of their "Pop queens" concert. Also I visited the main govermental district in the US, you know... just checkin

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Hungarians and I speak almost the same language.

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Monterrey, MX

I asked where the funniest people on Earth use to live and they send me to Mexico

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Yucatan´s Cenotes & Pyramids

Visit the natural pools Humans didn´t build and the Pyramids we helped Humans build

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Quetzalcoatl is ours

Here´s the story on how Mayans got everything wrong.

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What to do in Rome

There´s a Human saying that goes: All roads lead to Rome… and they do!

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Oaxaca anecdote

My story at a Catholic religious center with Saint Doggy

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Where to go in Paris

The Sun King had something to show to all the Universe

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The unmissable spots at Istanbul

I confused a spaceship with a religious center,  it turned out to be a Mosque!

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What to do in Oaxaca

Mexicans Humans live full of colors and delicious food around here

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Baltisse and Quebec City

Humans have a goat in Royalty matters in Quebec... a goat!

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Who am I

My name is 2.E. but on Planet Earth they call me Twee. I´m from a faraway glittery planet. I have been traveling through different galaxies but when I heard about planet Earth and all the cool stuff you do over here, I couldn´t resist visiting.

I´ve been here for 28 years now and so far, I´ve visited 15 countries: Mexico, US, Canada, Hungary, England, Austria, Slovakia, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Turkey, Italy, The Vatican, Czech Republic, and Spain. You can see I'm still missing a lot but I'm looking forward to continuing traveling.

Back on my planet, I´m space royalty but in here well, what you call money is not exactly my strength. Let´s say your 80s icon Donna Summer sang my Earth´s anthem: She works hard for the money (so you better treat her right!).

One thing you´ll read on this site will be on how I manage my Human budget on getting as many places as you can and something I love called: free stuff.

Feel free to jump in yo my spaceship blog adventure 😉